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Planning a successful charity event can be a challenging job. When fundraising every detail matters, and sometimes small things can be the difference between an event that really shines or something that is unremarkable. One thing that can leave an impression long after the event is over is event giveaways. One of the most valuable and versatile giveaways is t-shirts. Charity event t-shirts are great for using on the day to unite all the participants under the same banner. They are great for fostering a shared sense of purpose, and once the event is over, they make great keepsakes and souvenirs. We all know the rush of memories and warm feelings of nostalgia that can come with bringing out and wearing an old t-shirt. Not only that, but they can also serve as great advertisements for your charity organization, a little like a walking billboard! But, to get the most out of the event t-shirt and have people wanting to wear it long after the event is over, you need to have a t-shirt that has an appealing design. When you have a clear message and cool design, your t-shirt will continue to bring awareness to your cause long after your event is over.

Fundraising t-shirts for your cause. Sell Custom Apparel and Accept Donations

Can you sell your custom t-shirts for charity without the hassle, risk, and upfront cost of merchandise? Absolutely! With RVA Tshirt, you can simply design your shirt and share it in your fundraising campaign, perhaps on a t-shirt fundraiser website, for people to buy. Whenever anybody places an order, we will fill the order, deliver the product and send the funds raised directly to you. You needn’t do anything beyond the initial design of the fundraiser t-shirt. It is that simple to sell shirts for a fundraiser!

Raise spirits and funds for your chosen cause

Custom apparel is an excellent tool for bringing supporters together and engendering a sense of community amongst like-minded individuals. Why not capitalize on this and use it to raise funds for the cause that is close to your heart? The potential is immense!

Proven Success

We have a proven track record with thousands of customers using our RVA T-shirt custom design fundraising tools daily. From individuals to schools, small businesses, and charities, our clients come from all walks of life. So, you will be in good company!

Raise Awareness

Harness the promotional power of T-shirts, the walking, talking billboards, to send your message out into the wider world.

Easy, Fast, and Fun

Simply design your t-shirt on our site and share it with your followers and the public. We will fulfill the orders as and when they come in.

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